Seneca (4)

Seneca at 4 years old reading a 5th grade book (Pollyana) for 10-11 year olds.

Luna (19 Mos.)

Luna at 19 months demonstrates the 25 signs she's learned.

Max (5)

Max at 5 displaying his 3rd and 4th grade math abilities with ease.

Arya (4)

Arya (4) explaining the plant transport system.

Atticus (19 Mos.)

Atticus at 19 months updates us on his letter recognition. (He's 3 years ahead).

Milan (3)

Milan (3) reading a book in his second language.

Ben (4)

Ben having fun going through a hands-on experiment to integrate what he learned for the day.

"Had a great time at our first parenting event! Excited to have these events and meet other likeminded parents having conversations that matter."

- Giselle H

Kiara (10) & Mackensie (6)

Kiara and Mackensie creating a volcano after learning about them in depth.

"I am so grateful for the lifelong friendships I have made through this community. Our family is so supported at every step!"

- Jessica S

Oakin (8)

Oakin having a blast learning some new vocabulary on the road!

"This community is unlike any other. The tools, resources and support allows us to feel extremely confident that our kids have everything they need to achieve their dreams."

- Bruce I

“When we Initially purchased the program we didn’t realize the impact it could make and didn’t really use it. My daughter Sydney (grade 10) needed encouragement to use it daily for 30 minutes. However, after two months, she decided to focus on it herself and her confidence in learning and speaking improved significantly. She can now read three times faster, comprehend better, and speak more precisely. She loves using it now and finds it beneficial for her debate tournaments. We know these tools will continue to help her achieve her goals and become the young leader she aspires to be. Thank you, Avery, for your support.”

- Dr. Sammy Oh 

I found the tools at Pinnacle Ambition to be the most efficient way to learn words and improve my understanding. It has helped me to think quicker, retain information with ease, and increase my confidence. Previously, I struggled with self-education, but now, I read books daily and actually apply the information I learn. The most empowering aspect of this process is that I am doing this myself. I don't need to depend on anyone to do something for me although there is support should I have any questions. I highly recommend Pinnacle Ambition to anyone looking to take their learning to the next level!

- Drake Pearson

My daughter was struggling with Algebra and Biology despite tutoring. She had a history of anxiety and had undergone a costly neuropsychological evaluation that didn't offer any solutions. We reached out to Pedro and he identified that her reading ability was low, making it hard for her to keep up with coursework. The program and team at Pinnacle Ambition helped her rebuild her foundation and she finished the year on the Dean's List. This tool is a game-changer for students struggling with learning difficulties, and I can't recommend it enough!"

- Kathy J

I'm thrilled with the progress my son Drew has made working with Pinnacle Ambition. Despite struggling with reading this year in kindergarten, using the program (which he loves to do) for 2 months, he's now reading at a 1st grade level. Even more exciting is that Drew himself asked me to send this testimonial to the team! I suggest anyone with kids to get in touch with them."

- Stephanie M

PA has transformed my life every day. It's improved my speed of thought, memory, communication, spelling, and grammar. As a father and husband, I'm less frustrated and less angry since I can communicate better. I'm grateful for the program and how it will transform my children's lives. I'm 80% done with grade one and loving every moment of it. Thank you Pedro for everything!"

- Jason Frovich

Thanks to Pinnacle Ambition, I was able to transform my vocabulary and create powerful statements that have changed my life. With regular follow-ups and support, my coach listened to my struggles and helped me integrate positive statements to give me my power back. We even went over legal terms and definitions to remove any negative emotions associated with them. I am grateful for the life-changing impact this program has had on me."

- Junie Destin

"I was blown away by the effectiveness of this program. As someone with a severe learning disability and social introversion, I've always struggled with reading, communication, and memory retention. But after just one and a half weeks, I'm seeing words differently and my reading speed has tripled. I can read for hours without discomfort and my brain doesn't tire as fast. It's also helped me improve my social skills, allowing me to talk to strangers and make connections with ease. I've even been able to learn and remember information more easily. It's been an incredible experience and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their cognitive abilities."

- Ameer Yasin

“My 4th grade child was struggling with spelling, which was starting to slow down her reading speed and comprehension. There was not a tool or resource I had found to help her without causing stress in her learning environment. When she took a spelling test she could get 100% on it, yet when writing the same words a few weeks later she would misspell them again. When we saw a demo, and my daughter got to try it, I knew immediately this would help her. Today, not only is she an advanced reader, but she is more confident in her learning abilities than ever before.”

- Cassandra M

Growing up with undiagnosed dyslexia was extremely challenging. Now I’m working through that with my dyslexic children and I’m feeling very blessed we have tools and support to overcome these obstacles!! Pinnacle Ambition has been such a Godsend!"

- Jamie Patterson

"Pinnacle Ambition has transformed my academic life by providing me with a platform to exercise my belief that words are powerful. By using its vocabulary lists created by top law students and attorneys, I transformed from an average student to being top of my class. It has improved my attitude, confidence, and memory, making vocabulary tests a breeze. With the supportive staff, I trusted the process and continue to evolve as a student. Thank you to Cameron, Katie for sharing this life-changing technology with me."

- Rock Stedy

"Before Pinnacle Ambition, my school and work ethic was poor and I struggled with communication, comprehension, and writing. But going through the program , everything changed. Its unique approach to vocabulary and word association helped me comprehend, communicate and write effectively. My essays improved from 54's to 78's, my biology grade went from a 67 to an 85, and I recently received a 90 on a quiz. If you're struggling with language and communication skills, you will shocked by how well this works."

- Adam Ng

Whether you homeschool or send your kids to school, they would benefit immensely from this program. My son is a great example as to why I stand by this. We transitioned to homeschool in September and he has excelled more in the last two months than he has in the last 3 years he's been in school. I'm just saying, I really don't know what I'd be doing without it. It didn't happen overnight, but with consistency, time management and the best support, change for the better is inevitable!"

- Imani Lankheit

“The biggest benefit is that it immediately revealed the level of my reading speed, comprehension and vocabulary- things that I had taken for granted in processing at an advanced level and showed that I had actually regressed in my abilities since college. With consistent use, I have regained that ability I lost and even increased my skills in an incredibly short amount of time"

- Damien R

"The results that I got from using this program have been nothing less than astonishing. I was able to rebuild my self-esteem and mental clarity through increasing my learning potential and competence. I feel more empowered now than ever before because I'm 100% certain that I can learn anything."

- Karol-Anne C

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